In the area of corrections, the Mission’s work will include:

  • Support to the prison’s administration through the promulgation of the law on prisons;
  • Placing MINUJUSTH corrections officers  in key prison facilities to provide advisory and technical support on effective prison management, including gender-responsive prison management
  • Elevate the Direction de l'administration pénitentiaire (DAP) to the level of a central directorate within the HNP;
  • Implement the DAP Strategic Development Plan (2017 to 2021), including the certification by the DAP, of nine out of 19 Prisons in Haiti as capable of operating without full-time external support.
  • Mentoring Directorate of Prison Administration officers at HQ level on management and administration
  • Support the DAP to develop and implement a recruitment and training roadmap to increase by 2021 its personnel to 2,349, including 33 per cent women, compared to the current 1,649 DAP personnel. 
  • Reinforce the rehabilitation and reintegration of prison inmates.