A new window of opportunity for Haiti

Photo Logan Abassi UN/MINUJUSTH

24 Oct 2017

A new window of opportunity for Haiti

MINUJUSTH Deputy Special Representative's first Haiti press conference in Port-au-Prince


Eight days after the opening ceremony of the United Nations Mission for Justice Support in Haiti (MINUJUSTH) on 16 October 2017, the Deputy Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General for Haiti, and Oic Head of Mission, Dr. Mamadou Diallo, held his first press conference in Port-au-Prince today to mark UN Day celebrated each day on 24 October.

“Haiti is one of the 193 countries that have adopted the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and has set itself the goal of becoming an emerging country and economy by 2030. Not only these objectives are possible, but they represents the commitment of Haiti with its children and grandchildren for a better future and the United Nations will remain side by side with Haiti on this path.”

Regarding MINUJUSTH, he reaffirmed the new window of opportunity the new mission represents, to foster sustainable development in the country.

”MINUJUSTH is a window of opportunity to consolidate the political stability achieved during the last years in order to give to open and give a voice to a democratic, stable and prosper future for all Haitians,” he stated.

Speaking to the media at MINUJUSTH HQ, in the Haitian capital, the Oic Head of Mission, Mamadou Diallo, called on the country’s youth to help address the challenges facing the nation. He considers Haitian youth and women as crucial actors for the development and stability of Haiti.

“I would like to stress that the United Nations regards youth and women as a priority sector of the population and driving forces for the country’s development, since their participation is essential for the stability and sustainable development of Haiti.”

Representatives of UN agencies in Haiti and MINUJUSTH’s leadership were also present at the press conference. On his capacity of UN Humanitarian Coordinator and Resident Coordinator, Mr. Diallo affirmed that the UN System, Funds and Programs in Haiti remains engaged with the Haitian people when it comes to humanitarian assistance and development.

"The UN and the Humanitarian Country Team will continue to support national and local authorities in their response to humanitarian needs, always on the direction of Haitian institutions, as was the case after Hurricane Matthew in 2016 and hurricanes Irma and Maria this year” he added. “Nevertheless, the UN’s priority and approach will strengtheng the resilience of institutions and the population to better prevent, respond to and overcome external shocks and humanitarian situations. We are convinced that this is the way to gradually reduce the need for humanitarian assistance and build a solid foundation for development. "

Recognizing that Haitians are responsible for choosing and shaping their own future, Mr. Diallo acknowledged that it is the UN priority to accompany them in that regard. « We the United Nations are partners in supporting the authorities and the people in this process, with an approach that prioritizes capacity building of institutions and the people.

“It is a priority to recognize that Haitians are primarily responsible for choosing their own future and making it a reality. We, the United Nations, are partners in supporting the authorities and the people in this process, with an approach that prioritizes capacity building and institutions and people. "

UN Day: A global call to transform the future

The Head of MINUJUSTH also delivered a message on behalf of the Secretary-General António Guterres' United Nations Day call for people from around the globe to overcome their differences and to address global challenges that go beyond national borders.

"Our world faces many grave challenges. Widening conflicts and inequality, extreme weather and deadly intolerance, [and] security threats - including nuclear weapons. We have the tools and wealth to overcome these challenges. All we need is the will" said Mr. Guterres in his message.

The UN chief also stated in his message that the challenges faced by the world transcend borders and, therefore, everyone needs to transcend their differences to transform our future. “When we achieve human rights and human dignity for all people – they will build a peaceful, sustainable and just world,” he added.

The SG also urged humanity to respect the values, purpose and principles of the United Nations Charter insisting that “ ‘We the Peoples’, have to make this vision a reality.

Observed since 1948, the 24th of October -UN Day marks the anniversary of the entry into force in 1945 of the UN Charter, the world body’s founding document. As a founded member of the UN, Haiti has been one of the first to sign the Charter in 1945 and participates since then, in the work of the organization for the benefit of the Haitian people and others around the world.