Special Representative of the Secretary-General, Helen La Lime, briefs Security Council on the progress report of the Secretary-General on MINUJUSTH

Ms. Marie Yolaine Mathieu, Chief Commissioner of the DAP for the Eastern Region, talks to inmates of the women's civil prison of Cabaret. © Leonora Baumann / UN /MINUJUSTH, 2018

13 Dec 2018

Special Representative of the Secretary-General, Helen La Lime, briefs Security Council on the progress report of the Secretary-General on MINUJUSTH

The Special Representative of the Secretary-General (SRSG), Helen La Lime, briefed the Security Council today at UN Headquarters on the situation in Haiti and the UN Mission for Justice support in Haiti (MINUJUSTH).

Ms. La Lime highlighted the mission’s positive impact on increasing the capacity of the Haitian National Police, promoting human rights and reinforcing rule of law institutions, with notably the promulgation on 26 October, after months of discussion, of the Law on the creation, organization, and functioning of the National Council on Legal Aid. “If fully implemented, it will greatly contribute to alleviating the protracted phenomenon of prison-overcrowding”, underlined the SRSG.

“Following a series of nominations made by the Executive in the fall, only an additional 60 to 70 judges are estimated to be required for the tribunals in the country’s 18 jurisdictions to operate at capacity”, she added.

SRSG La Lime also emphasized the work of MINUJUSTH towards a conducive environment for human rights organizations and increased capacity of human rights actors in the country, such as the appointment of a dedicated Minister for human rights, which “indicates Haiti’s readiness to engage with international human rights bodies and to prepare a national action plan”.

“Much remains to be done” underscored the Head of MINUJUSTH. “Pilot projects to must now be replicated throughout the country”. Adding that “the inspection mechanisms in the judiciary need to be made more robust, in order to increase the rate at which cases are adjudicated by judges”.

To ensure the continued buildup of human, logistical and material capacity of the HNP SRSG la Lime indicated that “it would behoove not only the government of Haiti, but also the international community to fulfill their commitment to fully fund the five-year HNP Strategic Development Plan”. Mentioning further the importance for “the Parliament to pass essential legislation such as the Haitian National Police Organic Law, a new Criminal Code, and a new Code of Criminal Procedure”.

Regarding the issue of gang violence, SRSG La Lime welcomed the Executive and the National Police recent commitment to increasing their engagement to find sustainable solutions to this endemic problem in a number of neighborhoods of the Port-au-Prince metropolitan area.

Voicing that “the current context of the country is laden with challenges, but also hope”, SRSG La lime stressed “the necessary collectively assistance to the country in emerging from the current political impasse”. Ending her presentation, she concluded that “through a constructive and peaceful dialogue, the democratically-elected government of Haiti could set the stage for the next cycle of elections and continue to implement programmes that improve the lives of its citizens”.


All Secretary general reports on Haiti can be found at: https://minujusth.unmissions.org/en/un- reports


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