MINUJUSTH will maintain a focus on the institutional and professional development of the Haitian National Police (HNP), within the framework of the HNP Strategic Development Plan 2017-2021. During the two-year timeframe of the mission, MINUJUSTH will focus on supporting key priorities set out in the Strategic Development Plan, in particular:

  • Provide supervisory mentoring and strategic advice to senior and middle-level HNP management on leadership, investigation skills, gender mainstreaming and SGBV services;
  • Mentor and assist the HNP to build capacities in police administration, in particular in the areas of reform and restructuring, planning, human resources, information and facilities management, transport, logistics, engineer, telecommunications, budget and finance;
  • Support the development and implementation of community-oriented policing strategies, in order for the HNP to build more trust with local communities, and of training programs to help prevent illegal or arbitrary arrests, detention or excessive use of force;
  • Promote the effectiveness of the HNP’s accountability mechanism, the General Inspectorate, and extend its authority beyond Port-au-Prince.

The implementation of these priorities will go hand-in hand with the implementation of transition strategies, which will look at potential partners, UN and beyond, that can accommodate residual support needs beyond the lifespan on MINUJUSTH.

MINUJUSTH police will continue to support HNP’s efforts to ensure public order and to respond to security challenges within the country:

  • MINUJUSTH has seven Formed Police Units of 980 officers from seven countries - Bangladesh, Jordan, India, Nepal, Rwanda and Senegal
  • They are positioned in five regions to safeguard the gains of the past years through operational support to the Haitian National Police.
  • The FPUs conduct joint field patrols to help give the Hatian national Police greater visibility but also to deliver direct “on-the-job” skills to HNP officers.
  • MINUJUSTH Police Component delivers tactical planning including on joint operations, gradually increasing